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Plan Room Services

Plan Checkout:
Overnight checkout is available every weekday. You may reserve plans for checkout by calling the Plan Room. Checkout is between 4:30 and 5:00 PM, with the plans due back the next morning by 9 :00 AM.  Plans checked out Friday afternoon are due back by 9:00 AM Monday morning. If you cannot pick up your plan set per your reservation, please call to cancel so another member can have a chance to check out the set. Late return of plans will result in a fine of $10.00 for every hour that the plan is late, and could lead to loss of membership.

The plan limit is two projects per night.  However, if a project is not reserved at checkout time it will also be available to take. If someone is using the plan at checkout time, we will alert him or her that the plan is checked out, and you will need to wait until the member is finished.

If plans have been noticeably taken apart on checkout a $5.00 fine will be assessed for putting the plan back together properly. Sharing plans between companies during checkout is also NOT ALLOWED.

If plans are removed without a reservation being made, the membership will be terminated.

Marking on plans is NOT ALLOWED!!! All loose papers in the plans and specs are to be gathered together and returned to the slots with the plans. Plans are to be brought back to the bins and not left in the Plan room.

Architects, Designers, Engineers, Owners or Contractors provide plans for the plan room.

Online Planroom:

Projects that are posted to the online planroom are for members only. They are in .pdf format, in small file sizes. Please notify Medford Builders Exchange of any missing Plans, Specs, or Addendums as soon as possible. Medford Builders Exchange makes every effort to put complete projects online including, Plans, Specs and Addendums. It is the member’s responsibility to check the complete project for their scope of work.

If copies of plans and specs are needed. DO NOT take plans apart. Forms are available for requesting copies by the Sign in Table. Every effort is made to accommodate your needs…if copies are requested by noon you should have them on a first-come first-serve bid date basis by 5pm the same day. If copies are requested after noon, they will be ready by noon the next day.  Copies of plans ordered but not picked up will be charged to your account,  with no exceptions. Please write down any self serve copies that are made in the copy room, so we may bill you once instead of having many small invoices.

We copy all addendums and provide them for members – it is the member’s responsibility to check every plan for changes and/or bid date changes. Be sure to read all addenda on record.

*The information obtained by Medford Builders Exchange, inc is deemed reliable. If there is any errors, omissions, or inaccuracy, Medford Builders Exchange, Inc disclaimes any responsibility.